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Is Building Tables LLC a good fit

Have questions? I've got answers.
I've listed some frequently asked questions that will help determine if we're the right fit! 



Our prices are fair and lower than industry standards to accommodate the emerging and up-and-coming.  Be sure to utilize your free 15 minute project consultation for an exact rate.


Yes, a deposit is always required, unless the service requires full payment upfront.


Yes, we always provide at least one revision with any service. Additional revisions must be discussed.


What if you don't like the final video project or services rendered.  Hmmm...I've never had that problem.  However, if there are any concerns, I've always been known to be fair, so we can certainly work out the details.


Most client's work will be shared across our social media unless the client is not comfortable and requests in writing not to share work.  However, we do not guarantee that all client work will be shared or advertised on any of our platforms.



If you're within the Los Angeles area (15miles from our business zip), no fee will be added. If you are, mileage and fee will be determined and agreed upon before service is booked.



Many people ask how many people are required, especially since COVID-19. Usually, our services can manage with 1-3 members.  If more are needed, you will be informed.



We are still in sensitive times, so if you prefer masking and distancing, that can certainly be honored.


Jot it down. Schedule a free 15minute consultation and let's chat about it. 


Thank you so much.  I simply appreciate you finding our website. With all of our years of expertise in such a wide variety, we are now excited and eager to provide our in-house services to all!  

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