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Video Personality
Video Personality
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Virtual Productions


People are tired of picture-perfect content and overly rehearsed scripts. They want authentic stories and real human moments.

Whether you're a creator, content marketer, business, or just someone with something to say, live streaming is an effective way to spread your message.

According to StreamYard,

80% of people prefer
live video over text


We can Go LIVE and stream through various options like: YouTube, FaceBook or LinkedIn.

If you feel a little nervous about technical hiccups, no worries, we got you! We offer a pre-recorded option that can be taped in advanced and edited to your liking, but still make it "appear live" for your audience. Call us and we'll explain how.

How We Prep Virtual Video Productions

You have an option to use Zoom or StreamYard for your virtual production. Before we go live or pre-record we'll test your audio, assess your lighting and framing of each participant.  Therefore, the teleconference must start at least 15mins in advance for technical preparation before the scheduled remote shoot.

If you need assistance setting up in your home or workspace, we can assist with that too. Just let us know.  Otherwise, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Find a comfortable seat in front

of a window or bright and even artificial lighting.

Step 2: Turn your phone, tablet or computer horizontal. 

Step 3: Center yourself in the middle of the screen, chest up and space above head. 

Sample Video

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