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My Inspiration & Vision

After Tyler Perry wooed the world at the 2019 BET Award show with his memorable "Building Tables" speech, I was inspired. The initial name for my production company was going to be "Folding Chair Productions", inspired by Shirley Chisholm. But I realized that it's sometimes more powerful to build your OWN table. Think: Family + Faith-friendly content across the board while helping others achieve the same through vibrant videos produced by:

Building Tables Productions LLC.


Award Winning Filmmaker and
TV Host/Producer

I’ve created short form projects like talk shows and segment produced. Pitched a game show to Disney. Hosted and Packaged hundreds of red carpets for EURweb. Produced an award-winning period piece feature. Successfully distributed a provocative faith-based short that I starred in. And, recently wrapped my award-winning directorial debut, “7 SHARP” that screened at Diversity in Cannes. 

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